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#323 : Rien n'est plus important au monde

Un épisode riche en rebondissement, où l'on retrouve avec plaisir Bree qui a pas mal changé...

Gaby, quant à elle se prépare à épouser Victor, mais ce dernier n'est pas près à compromettre sa carrière pour Gaby.

Lynette, affronte son cancer avec difficulté et encore plus lorsque sa mère décide d'emmenager chez elle afin de l'aider pendant son traitement.

Susan et Mike vivent une relation épanouie, mais Susan change les plans de son mariage lorsqu'elle d'aperçoit que Mike n'a pas les moyens financières que possédait Ian.

Pour finir, Edie et Carlos continuent leur relation jusqu'à ce que ce dernier découvre ce qu'a fait Edie.

L'épisode se termine par un drame où l'un des personnages principaux décide de se suicider...


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Getting married today

Titre VF
Rien n'est plus important au monde

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Mariage de Mike et Susan (vo)

Mariage de Mike et Susan (vo)


Fin - Voix de Mary Alice (vo)

Fin - Voix de Mary Alice (vo)


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Résumé détaillé

C'est le grand jour pour Gaby,elle va se marier avec Victor et est un peu stressée car il lui manque le bracelet que Bree doit lui ammener mais elle n'est toujours pas la.Bree arrive avec quelque chose en plus et oui elle est "enceinte" mais heureusement pour Gaby elle a le bracelet.

Mick n'a pas les même moyens que Ian, et Susan veut 40 colombes avec soit une fontaine de chocolat soit une fontaine de champagne.

Lynette qui a découvert son cancer n'en dit rien à ses amies et se comporte un peu bizarrement surtout quand sa mère fait intrusion dans sa vie et qu'elle pose à Kayla des questions sur Rick.

Edie va au mariage et Carlos doit la rejoindre mais en regardant dans son sac il découvre les pilules contraceptives d'Edie.

Vu que Bree et Orson sont revenus Julie croit que Danielle est là mais non.Bree et Orson prétexte que elle adorait la Suisse et qu'elle y est restée quelques temps.

Plus tard on voit Bree retirer ce qui fait croire qu'elle est enceinte.

Bree est en train d'envoyer un E-mail à Julie à la place de Danielle et se demande comment les jeunes disent quand c'est "terrible" Andrew dit ça déchire mais Bree n'est pas convaincue et elle sonne à Danielle qui réplique c'est chiant etc.

Nous sommes au mariage de Gaby qui est magnifique quand soudain Carlos arrive et se fache avec Edie.

A la fin on voit Susan et Mick se marier très simplement avec pour seul invité Julie.


Gabrielle is getting dressed for her wedding with Susan and Lynette helping her.

Mary Alice: "When Gabrielle Solis agreed to marry Victor Lang, she was determined to have a very traditional wedding. She was even more determined to be a very traditional bride. To that end, the handkerchief in her cleavage was borrowed, the garter on her leg was blue, and the diamonds on her ears were old. But sadly for Gabrielle, something was missing, and she was about to throw a traditional fit."

Gabrielle: "It is after three o'clock! Where the hell is Bree with my something new?"

Lynette: "I know her plane landed on time. She'll probably be here any second."

Gabrielle: "God, I should have my head examined for even agreeing to this. Who the hell cares about Swiss jewelry anyway?"

Susan: "Gaby, Bree went out of her way to buy you that bracelet."

Gabrielle: "And, of course, it's the hottest day of the year. All the guests are out there sweating like pigs. God, at this rate, my reception's gonna look like the finish line of the Boston marathon."

Lynette: "If you're that freaked out, just get married without the bracelet."

Gabrielle: "Are you out of your mind? I can't get married without my something new."

Susan: "Oh, I have an idea. I just got a lipstick yesterday. You could wear that."

Gabrielle: "I just paid a makeup artist five hundred bucks to do my face. Do you really think I wanna march down the aisle looking like I just ate a popsicle?"

Susan: "Okay, it's your big day, so I'm gonna let that slide."

Gabrielle: "God, it is ten after, and Bree is never late! Where can she be? All right, that's it. After I finish "tszujing" my hair, tell the preacher it's showtime. I can't believe my wedding's already ruined, and it hasn't even started."

Gabrielle leaves.

Lynette: "Hey, I'm starting to get worried about Bree. Maybe we should call."

Susan: "Yeah. I'm calling her cell. It's ringing."

Lynette: "Oh, good."

They hear a ringing phone in the room. They turn around and Bree is standing there.

Lynette: "Bree!"

Susan: "Oh, wow!"

Bree: "Hello, ladies."

Gabrielle comes back into the room.

Gabrielle: "Is that Bree? She better not have come empty-handed!"

Bree: "Oh, I didn't."

Bree holds up a bracelet.

Mary Alice: "As promised, Bree had arrived with something new."

Gabrielle: "Holy crap!"

Mary Alice: "And she also..."

It's revealed that Bree is pregnant.

Mary Alice: "...brought the bracelet."

Three Days Earlier

Family...there is nothing more important. They're the ones we want to laugh with during the good times...and the ones we need to console us during the bad. And even though the time comes when they have to leave us, their voices still linger in our minds. And sometimes we can't help but listen.


Edie and Carlos are lying on the bed, passionately kissing. Next to the bed is Edie's dead mother, knitting.

Edie's Mother: "A tangled web-- that's what you're weaving."

Edie: "Beat it, mother."

Edie's Mother: "You really think this little scheme of yours is gonna work?"

Edie: "Of course it will. Look at him. He's practically in love with me already."

Edie's Mother: "That's because he thinks you're gonna give him a baby. Wait till he finds out you're still on the pill."

Edie: "Oh, shut up, would you?"

Edie's Mother: "I just thank the good lord your father didn't live to see this."

Edie: "Well, neither did you. You died alone in a trailer park watching game shows. And why should I listen to you?"

Edie's Mother: "'Cause I know what's waiting for you, missy. This one's gonna leave you like all the others. You're going to end up old and alone, just like I did."

Edie wakes up suddenly from her dream. She's alone in bed.

Edie: "Carlos? Carlos!"

Carlos: "Down here, babe! I'm making you a fruit smoothie."

The doorbell rings. Carlos answers it to find Gabrielle standing on the porch.

Gabrielle: "Chicken or fish?"

Carlos: "What?"

Gabrielle: "I haven't gotten your reply card back yet. So chicken or fish?"

Carlos: "Oh! Right, your wedding. I can't go."

Gabrielle: "Why not?"

Carlos: "I'm a jinx. I went to your last wedding, and look how that turned out. Come on, Gaby. We both know it'd be weird if I went."

Gabrielle: "Okay, maybe a little, but it'll be weirder if you don't."

Carlos: "Excuse me?"

Gabrielle: "Look, everyone knows you're living with Edie. If she shows up alone, people will think I asked her not to bring you, like it bugs me that you guys are together."

Carlos: "But it does bug you. You hit the roof when you found out."

Gabrielle: "Which is why I have to show people that I'm okay with it. Please, just consider it my wedding gift."

Carlos: "Okay, but I'm skipping the ceremony."

Gabrielle: "What? And just go to the reception? You can't do that."

Carlos: "I don't want to make a scene. You'll vow, till death do us part, I'll bust out laughing, people will stare..."

Gabrielle: "Reception starts at four."


Mike is sitting at the table while Susan looks through wedding brochures.

Susan: "I'm thinking a chocolate fountain would be a cool centerpiece to a dessert buffet."

Mike: "Dessert buffet? We're having a wedding cake, right? Isn't that dessert?"

Susan: "Yeah, but you have to give people a choice. Don't you think a chocolate fountain would be elegant?"

Mike: "I don't know...you, a big white dress, melted chocolate. Am I the only one hearing alarm bells?"

Susan: "Fine, we'll skip the chocolate. How out a champagne fountain? Oh, I know! Maybe we can make the champagne flow through the ice sculpture."

Mike: "Don't you think we might be going a little over-the-top?"

Susan: "Mike, these are all fairly standard wedding features. Now you name one thing that you think is going over-the-top."

Mike: "How about the dove wrangler?"

Susan: "Well, the doves are not going to release themselves."

Mike: "Do we really need forty of 'em?"

Susan: "Okay, I know that you think I'm being silly, but all of our friends went to Bree's wedding, and now they're going to Gaby's. Two months from now, do we really want them thinking our wasn't as nice?"

Mike: "It seems to me our friends wouldn't be there to make petty comparisons. They'd be there to celebrate our love."

Susan: "You would think that, but no. Come on. This is something that we have both looked forward to for so long. Don't you want it to be perfect?"

Mike: "Oh, I guess. About the doves, though..."

Susan: "What?"

Mike: "You in a wedding gown, forty birds circling overhead? Again, not liking those odds."


Lynette is sitting at the kitchen table while on the phone. Tom prepares breakfast.

Lynette: "Oh, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's, um, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and apparently, if you're going to get lymphoma, that's the kind you want."

She gets up and walks to the doorway to yell up the stairs.

Lynette: "Hey, you wanna hold it down up there, kids? I'm trying to talk to your Aunt Lucy! Thank you!"

She sits back down at the table.

Lynette: "Anyway, I know I said that we would come and visit you this June, but I'll be a little woozy and...bald from the chemo, so...thanks for understanding. Oh, one more thing--our insurance policy has a really high deductible, so we are strapped financially, and I was wondering if maybe you and Dave might be able to...oh, really? No, I am not asking mom. She doesn't know about any of this, so don't you tell her, okay? We'll be fine. I love you. Bye."

She hangs up the phone.

Tom: "I take it that's a no on the loan?"

Lynette: "Yep. Dave lost his job at the plant, and he is now handing out flyers at a chicken restaurant, and--prepare to wince-- there is a chicken suit involved."

Tom: "Ouch."

Lynette: "So where are we gonna find this ten thousand dollars?"

Tom: "You leave that to me. I want you to focus on getting better."

Lynette: "But, honey--"

Tom: "I will find it. Meanwhile, we'll make some sacrifices around here. My tennis club membership is up this month. I'm not renewing."

Lynette: "Should you even be playing tennis after your back surgery?"

Tom: "Probably not."

Lynette: "Well, in that spirit, as soon as I start chemo, I will be giving up shampoo."

Tom: "Okay, thanks."


Bree is packing up her toiletries while Orson packs their suitcases.

Orson: "Taxi's here. Are you sure you're ready to go back? We could wait another week."

Bree: "And miss Gaby's wedding? No, I'll be fine."

Orson: "Is, uh, this the dress you were thinking for the ceremony?"

He holds up a pink dress.

Bree: "Yes."

Orson: "Oh, good. I'll fold it in tissue so it doesn't wrinkle."

Bree: "Oh, darling, I don't deserve you."

Orson: "Oh, come on. We agreed--no more tears."

Bree: "I'm so sorry to be putting you through this. I-I wouldn't blame you if you ran like hell and never looked back."

Orson: "Stop. I'm going to raise this child and love it as if it were my own. Now let's see a smile."

Bree smiles.


Gabrielle, Victor, and Victor's father, Milton, are eating dinner.

Gabrielle: "Well, I'm glad you could join us, Milton. It's good to get to know you before the wedding."

Milton: "Thank you. You know, I must say, all these months, I thought Victor was exaggerating about you. But he hasn't done you justice. You, my dear, are a flawless beauty."

Gabrielle: "I'm hardly flawless. I'm sure I have a blemish hidden away somewhere."

Milton: "Now that's a search I would relish."

Victor: "She is way out of your league, dad."

Gabrielle: "Honey, he's a multimillionaire. He runs my league."

Milton: "By the way, Victor, I, uh, ran into Keith Perkinson last week."

Victor: "And how is the venerable state chairman?"

Milton: "Impressed with you. He liked the way you ran your moral campaign, said if you keep your numbers up, he might consider supporting you in the next governor's race."

Victor: "Really?"

Gabrielle starts to laugh.

Victor: "What's so funny?"

Gabrielle: "You gotta be kidding, right? I mean, we just finished a campaign. You're not about to put me through another one."

Victor: "But I thought you loved campaigning."

Gabrielle: "God, no. It's a complete snore. Pasting a smile on my face while you say the same speech for the fiftieth time?"

Victor: "But you were a natural. People loved you."

Gabrielle: "Well, the feeling wasn't mutual. You think I enjoyed sipping tea with these frumpy matrons who wore loud, polyblend pantsuits? You know how many times I just wanted to scream, "vote for my husband, you color-blind cow!"?"

Milton: "I think you've discovered something very important about democracy, my dear--the nation is full of fools, and everyone gets a vote."

Gabrielle: "Well, they're not gonna get us again. I made nice with Fairview. I'm not about to suck up to the whole damn state."


Susan wakes up to an empty bed. She looks over to the closet where Mike is pulling on his clothes.

Susan: "What are you doing?"

Mike: "Some guy out in Mount Pleasant's got a cracked water heater."

Susan: "It's three o'clock in the morning."

Mike: "Well, I started advertising as a twenty-four-hour plumber. After midnight, I get triple time."

Susan: "Okay, well, that's crazy. You can't work round the clock. It's not healthy."

Mike: "Well, this is the third night I've worked this week. I'm fine so far."

Susan: "You've been sneaking out while I've been asleep? What are you, ninja plumber?"

Mike: "It's just for a little while, earn some extra money."

Susan: "Is this about the wedding?"

Mike: "We agreed we want it to be nice."

Susan: "But we didn't agree on this. Maybe I can scale things back a bit."

Mike: "How? Have a ginger ale fountain? Make paper doves and hope it's windy?"

Susan: "Okay, seriously, you don't have to kill yourself. I could max out my credit card."

Mike: "Is that really how you want to start our life together--in debt?"

Susan: "No, I wanna start out happy. But clearly, you're upset, and I don't know why."

Mike: "I'm not Ian. I can't afford to move you into a mansion or fly you off to Paris, but I'll be damned if I don't give you the same dream wedding he would have given you. I'll see you in the morning."

He leaves.


The doorbell rings. Lynette answers it to find her mother, Stella, standing there.

Stella: "Where the hell do you get off having cancer and not telling me about it?!"

Lynette: "Mom..."

Stella: "How do you think you could handle this without me?"

Tom comes over.

Tom: "Stella?"

Stella: "Oh, there's my Tommy boy! Come here!"

They hug.

Stella: "Oh! God. Oh, listen, be a love, will you, honey, and get my bags from the cab?"

Tom: "Bags? She's staying?"

Stella: "Yep. And do not tip the driver. S.O.B. wouldn't let me smoke."

She walks into the living room where the kids are drawing.

Stella: "Jeez, Lynette, I didn't know you opened a day care center. Hey, kids, grandma's here."

The kids don't say anything.

Stella: "Okay, what did you tell them about me?"

Lynette: "It's been five years, mom. They don't remember you."

Stella: "Well, they'll remember me this time. I brought presents."

Kids: "Cool!"

Stella: "Hey...for you, and...you, and you."

She hands books to the three boys.

Parker: "These are baby toys. We're too old to play with these."

Stella: "Well, I'm too old to remember what the hell six-year-olds like to play with."

Twin: "We're eight."

Stella: "What do I care?"

Lynette: "Just say thank you."

Kids: "Thank you."

She sees Kayla.

Stella: "Oh, who's the pretty thing? (to Parker) Your girlfriend?"

Parker: "No! She's my sister!"

Stella: "Oh. Is that Tom's little b-a-s-t-a--"

Tom: "Okay, kids, time to get your toys and let's play upstairs. Come on, Penny. Come on, sweetie. Let's go, everybody."

Tom leads the kids upstairs.

Lynette: "Listen, mom, I really appreciate you coming to help, but as you can see, I'm perfectly fine."

Stella: "For now. Now how you gonna handle that mob when you're flat on your ass from chemo?"

Lynette: "I'll manage. You got through breast cancer while raising the three of us alone."

Stella: "I was not alone. I had you."

Tom comes back downstairs.

Stella: "Lynette was all of thirteen, and she still looked after her sisters, cleaned the house, cooked the meals, and I was curled up in a ball, puking my guts out."

Lynette: "Well, that's what you get when you mix chemo and vodka gimlets."

Stella: "You can goad me all you like, Lynette. I did not come here to fight. Now trust me, cookie, I have memorized the whole catalog of subjects you and I can no longer discuss, and if that means that we have to talk about the weather for three months, then fine. But I am staying. Now...if you'll excuse me, I have to go kick a child out of its room."

She goes upstairs.


Edie and Carlos have just finished making love. Carlos lifts Edie's legs so that she's lying on her back, legs in the air.

Carlos: "Okay. Legs up!"

Edie: "Oh, you wanna do it again?"

Carlos: "No. I've been doing a lot of research, and gravity helps facilitate the sperm reaching the eggs. So...heave-ho!"

Edie: "Oh! Well, could we try a little light spooning before you hang me up like a side of beef?"

Carlos: "Edie, we're trying to have a baby."

Edie: "Well, could we be a little less clinical? Maybe let nature take its course?"

Carlos: "Nature is not on our side anymore. Look, you're no spring chicken, and those eggs aren't exactly farm-fresh."

Edie: "Okay, stop referring to me as poultry."

Carlos: "Sorry. Can we just try this? It's only for thirty minutes."

Edie: "Thirty minutes?! I am not staying in this position for a half an hour."

Carlos: "Listen, I know that this requires some work, but it will all be worth it when we have our beautiful, beautiful baby. Right?"

Edie: "Right. I guess I could...make some sacrifices."

Carlos: "That's my girl. Can I get you anything?"

Edie: "Yeah. I'd kill for a beer."

Carlos: "Sorry. No alcohol."

Edie: "What? For how long?"

Carlos: "Just until the baby's born. Oh, and you stop nursing. Don't worry. I'll get you a nice herbal tea."


Tom and Lynette are getting ready for bed.

Tom: "It's just for a few months while you're in treatment. We're--we're gonna have to find someone to watch the kids."

Lynette: "No! I am not leaving that woman in charge of our children. In three months, the twins will be chain-smoking, and Penny will be an alcoholic. We can manage. We've got McCluskey."

Tom: "She costs money--money that we won't have if we're paying someone to replace you at work."

Lynette: "You said not to worry about money, that you'd find it somewhere."

Tom: "I did."

Lynette: "What, someone loaned us ten thousand dollars?"

Tom: "No, gave us, and we can't thank her by kicking her out."

Lynette: "No! Tom, you didn't ask my mother?!"

Tom: "Didn't have to. She knew that you hit up Lucy, so she offered."

Lynette: "Well, we're giving it back."

Tom: "No, we can't afford to."

Lynette: "Tom, you don't know half the stuff she did to us. She would get drunk and smack us around. She would meet some new guy and then drop us off at her sister's for a week because he wasn't into kids."

Tom: "Okay, so she was a crappy mom. You said yourself that she has mellowed. Now she wants to make amends."

Lynette: "If you would just try to understand..."

Tom: "I think that I've been pretty understanding lately."

Lynette: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Tom: "I think you know."

Lynette: "Great, so in the middle of everything I'm dealing with, you're gonna throw Rick in my face."

Tom: "When someone we love hurts us, if we still love them, we deal with it and we move on. If I can do it, so can you."

Lynette: "So forgiving my mother...that's my penance?"

Tom: "Yeah. I think it is."

Outside their bedroom, Stella walks back to her room after eavesdropping on Tom and Lynette.


Victor is reading papers in bed when Gabrielle walks into the bedroom wearing an overcoat.

Victor: "I thought you said we weren't supposed to spend the night before the wedding together."

Gabrielle: "Yeah, I was trying to respect tradition...but I got horny."

She opens the overcoat to reveal a sexy piece of lingerie that she's wearing.

Victor: "Well, I guess we'll just have to start the honeymoon early, won't we? Let me get rid of this stuff."

Gabrielle: "What are you working on so late?"

Victor: "Nothing."

Gabrielle looks at one of the papers.

Gabrielle: "Polling data? Why are you polling? The election's over."

Victor: "It's just a little research. God, you look hot."

Gabrielle: "Is this about running for governor? Because I told you how I feel about that."

Victor: "My dad just set up a little...exploratory committee. It's no big deal."

Gabrielle: "Oh. Okay, well, let's explore it now. Nope, not gonna happen."

Victor: "Gaby--"

Gabrielle: "Victor, ever since we met, it's been photo ops and fund-raisers, and I'm sick of it."

Victor: "Well, I'm a politician. Do you think I want my career to begin and end in the suburbs?"

Gabrielle: "Fairview is my home, and I don't want to leave it. And you can't make this decision without me. I'm gonna be your wife."

Victor: "Exactly, not my career adviser."

Gabrielle: "Oh, so I don't even get a vote?"

Victor: "Not if it's a veto."

Gabrielle: "Okay, look, no! I already married a man who put his career before me, and I swore I wasn't gonna do it again."

Victor: "Well, I swore I would not let a stupid woman hold me back."

Gabrielle stares at him.

Victor: "That did not come out the way I wanted it to. I'm sorry. I'm sor--I'm really sorry. I've just been under a lot of pressure lately."

Gabrielle: "Well, here's one less thing you have to worry about-- our wedding."

Victor: "You can't cancel the wedding. It's too late."

Gabrielle: "As far as I'm concerned, it's just in the nick of time."

She leaves.


Gabrielle opens the front door, bleary-eyed. Milton is standing on the porch.

Milton: "Good morning, Gaby."

Gabrielle: "God, Milton, the newspaper's not even here yet."

Milton: "I'm sorry it's so early. I just...came to apologize."

Gabrielle: "Why? What happened wasn't your fault."

Milton: "That's not exactly the case. Is that coffee I smell?"

Later, the two of them are drinking coffee and talking.

Milton: "You only bolted because Victor wants to be governor. He only wants to be governor because of me."

Gabrielle: "You only suggested it. You can't make him go after something he doesn't want."

Milton: "The hell I can't. Ever since he was a kid, Victor's been killing himself trying to live upto his big shot father. He's desperate for my approval."

Gabrielle: "Why?"

Milton: "I suppose because he's never gotten it. Everything he does--even becoming mayor-- I somehow let him know that it's not quite enough. Oh...don't get me wrong. I'm right to push. That's why he's so successful."

Gabrielle: "So what are you saying, I should marry Victor because you're a withholding father?"

Milton: "No, I just want you to understand why he does what he does."

Gabrielle: "Fine. I get it. But why would I want a husband who values his father's opinion more than mine?"

Milton: "Well, he doesn't really care much what I think anymore. After you left last night, he called me and, uh...what's the phrase? Tore me a new one?"

Gabrielle: "He did?"

Milton: "He said because of me, he'd lost the best thing that had ever happened to him, and if he couldn't win you back, I could take my money and buy a new son, because I was never gonna be hearing from him again."

Gabrielle: "He blew off eighty million dollars? Well, if he cares about me so damn much, why am I not hearing this from him?"

Milton looks out the window behind Gabrielle.

Milton: "I think you're about to."

Victor is getting out of his car and carrying a bouquet of flowers.

Milton: "Is there a back way out of here?"

Later, he watches from his limo as Victor and Gabrielle talk on the porch, then hug each other.


Edie is dressed for the wedding. Carlos lounges on the couch.

Carlos: "Aren't you gonna be late for Gaby's wedding?"

Edie: "Oh, weddings are boring. I like to sneak in at the end, look teary-eyed and pretend I was there the whole time. I am gonna see you at the reception."

She opens the door and a neighbor kid is standing there.

Edie: "Oh! Uh, hi, Danny. Um...Carlos, the paperboy's here. Could you pay him? Come on in."

She leaves. Carlos pulls out his wallet.

Carlos: "Hey, here you go, Danny. Oh. Uh, looks like I'm a little short. Can I catch you later?"

Danny: "No."

Carlos: "Okay. Hold on."

He goes over to Edie's purse and opens it. He finds the birth control pills.

Carlos: "Oh, my god."

Danny: "What's that?"

Carlos: "It's birth control pills."

Danny: "I'm gonna need cash."


Orson and Bree are getting out of a cab in front of their house. Andrew comes out to greet them.

Andrew: "Hey, welcome home!"

Bree: "I have missed you, sweetheart!"

They hug and when they separate, Bree reaches down to pick up one of suitcases by her feet.

Andrew: "Oh, here, allow me."

Andrew picks up the suitcase. Julie comes over from across the street.

Bree: "Well, hello there, Julie."

Julie: "You guys are back!"

Bree: "Wow, somebody's...blonder."

Julie: "Oh, yeah, my mom hates it, too. So where's Danielle?"

Bree: "Well, um, while we were in Switzerland, she ran across this boarding school, and she fell in love with it and just insisted that we let her spend a year abroad."

Julie: "Wow. She must be having a really good time. She hasn't returned any of my phone calls."

Andrew: "Oh, well, um, you know, her school's up in the mountains, and--and her cell phone reception is kind of funky."

Julie: "She hasn't answered my e-mails, either."

Bree: "Well, I am gonna call her tonight and have a little talk with her about common courtesy, and I'm sure that you will get an e-mail first thing tomorrow morning. Well, we should go. I've got to get that bracelet to Gaby before the wedding."

Julie: "Well, I'll see you guys there. Bye."

Julie walks away.

Orson: "Well, that was uncomfortable."

Andrew: "You have no idea. Everyone's been asking questions."

Bree: "This might not be as easy as we'd hoped."


Back to the present, Gabrielle puts on the bracelet Bree gave her.

Bree: "There. Now you have something new."

Gabrielle: "So how do I look?"

Lynette: "You are now officially the most beautiful bride that ever lived."

Lynette looks at Susan.

Lynette: "Until your wedding, of course."

Susan: "Nice save."

Gabrielle: "It means so much to me that we're all here together right now."

Gabrielle clasps all of their hands together.

Susan: "And...break!"

They let go of each other's hands.


Gabrielle and Victor are at the altar. Edie is standing in the very back, drinking champagne.

Reverend: "We are gathered here today to join together Victor Lang and Gabrielle Marquez in matrimony--an honorable estate not to be entered in lightly, but reverently and soberly. This is a lifetime union-- one based on love, honor and trust..."

Edie stops a waiter who's walking by.

Edie: "You wanna be my new best friend? Premium scotch. Keep it coming."

At the alter...

Reverend: "You are promising not only to give of yourself, but also to accept each other, promising not only to love for today, but to extend that love to include..."

Carlos storms over to Edie.

Edie: "Carlos! I thought you weren't coming until after--"

Carlos: "Save it..."

He holds up the birth control pills.

Edie: "Okay, look, I can explain--"

Carlos: "Don't bother! Your lies were more convincing when I cared."

At the alter...

Reverend: "Victor, do you take Gabrielle..."

Edie runs after Carlos.

Edie: "Carlos! You've got to understand. I do wanna have a baby with you, just not yet. I...I just--I wanted to give you a chance to fall in love with me first."

Carlos: "I don't believe you, and I will never trust you again!"

Edie: "Well, what was I supposed to do? You backed me into a corner, and you were gonna bail on us, and I was just trying to save what we had. Carlos, don't leave me...please just talk to me."

Carlos: "I am done with you."

Edie: "Carlos!"

At the alter...

Reverend: "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lang."

Edie starts to cry.

Edie: "I'm sorry!"


Everyone is mingling. Mrs. McCluskey comes up to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: "Mrs. McCluskey! Enjoy the wedding?"

Mrs. McCluskey: "Nice. Very classy. Although what the hell was that brouhaha between Carlos and Edie?"

Gabrielle: "I don't know and I don't care. Today, I'm so filled with love, I can forgive anyone anything. Oh, um, but if you do see them again, call security."

She walks off and goes over to the table where Bree, Orson, Susan, and Lynette are sitting.

Bree: "So we're in Zurich, and I was sick after breakfast for the third morning in a row. And I thought to myself, dear god, I hope I have not developed an allergy to chocolate brioche. Life just wouldn't be worth living."

Orson: "So I said, that's it. We're seeing a doctor. Well, you could've knocked us over with a feather when he said she was already two months pregnant."

Lynette: "Aw, I think it's so great, and we could not be happier for you. When's your due date?"

Bree: "Oh, not until the early fall, but enough about me. This is your day--you and Victor--who, by the way, I have not met yet."

Gabrielle: "Oh, my gosh, that's right. Okay, you stay here. I'm gonna go grab him."

She leaves.

Bree: "It is so good to be back. I can't believe how much is happening. I mean, you and Gaby getting married, and I'm having a baby. What's going on with you, Lynette?"

Lynette: "Nothing. Same old, same old."

Susan: "Really? Is everything okay, sweetie? 'Cause you haven't quite seemed yourself the last couple weeks."

Lynette: "I'm fine. Everything's just fine."


Gabrielle finds Victor talking with Milton inside one of the rooms. She stops outside the door, listening.

Victor: "I'll tell you this much--I'm exhausted. I'll be glad when this day is over."

Milton: "Well, it was all worth it. Marrying Gaby is the smartest thing you've ever done. With her bringing in the Latino vote, the governor's mansion's as good as yours."

Victor: "Well, that's assuming I can change her mind. I had to make certain concessions just to get her down the aisle."

Milton: "You're the husband now. The rules have changed. Be nice, buy her a few pretty things. Trust me, you'll be able to tame that little spitfire."

Victor: "I'm not too worried. I've always been able to manage my assets."

Gabrielle goes back outside and runs into Bree.

Bree: "Did you find him?"

Gabrielle: "No, I'm still looking, but I'll let you know."


The kids are watching a movie on TV while Stella reads a magazine on the couch.

Stella: "Oh, movie's over. And may I add...amen. Go out and play. Go on, go on. Out!"

The boys run outside, but Kayla stays behind.

Kayla: "They're just gonna go play guns. Can I watch another movie?"

Stella: "Oh, Lynette said one was the limit, and she'll be home soon. "

Kayla: "No, she won't. Whenever they go out to a party, they always come home at least an hour later than they say they will."

Stella: "Aren't you an observant little monkey? Tell me, sweetie...would you know anything about a man named Rick?"

Kayla: "Yeah, I know Rick. My daddy and Lynette had a big fight about him."

Stella: "Really? Sounds like there's maybe a little story there."

Kayla: "If I tell you, could I watch a really good grown-up movie?"

Stella: "If it's a really good grown-up story."


Susan walks over to Mike, holding a plate of food. She puts it down in front of him.

Susan: "Okay, I got you some appetizers to tide you over. We have mini quiches and beef satay and something called Crystal Coast shrimp with grits, but it's mostly just grits 'cause I ate all the shrimp on my way over. Mike?"

She sees that Mike is sleeping. She leaves the table and goes over to the Reverend.

Susan: "Reverend, that was such a beautiful ceremony. Really, just heartfelt and moving--the whole package."

Reverend: "Why, thank you."

Susan: "Yeah, it was really impressive. So what are you doing tonight?"


Gabrielle goes into the gazebo and sees Carlos there, slouching on the couch and drinking champagne.

Gabrielle: "Oh, Carlos. Didn't know you were in here."

Carlos: "I got a little thirsty."

Gabrielle: "Yes. I can see that."

She sits down next to him.

Carlos: "Gaby, I am sorry if I ruined your wedding. But if it's any consolation, I also ruined my life."

Gabrielle: "What are you talking about?"

Carlos: "A couple years ago, I was totally happy. I had a home, you, a great career. And I don't understand how I let it all go to hell. And now here I am, back at square one. I really blew it. Ah, what am I doing? I shouldn't be dumping this on you. It's your wedding day. Go to Victor. I'm gonna stay right here--"

Gabrielle reaches over, grabs Carlos, and begins kissing him. They fall back onto the couch together.


Lynette comes downstairs to where Stella is.

Lynette: "Well, I don't know how you did it. The kids are asleep, and the cough syrup hasn't been touched."

Stella: "Boy, you're just waiting foran excuse to give me the boot."

Lynette: "Well, if history's any indicator, I won't have to wait long."

Stella: "So you don't think people can change?"

Lynette: "I think at a certain point, people just are who they are."

Stella: "Well, I think people can change. Now take you. You were the perfect wife and mom...then along came Rick."

Lynette: "How did you-"

Stella: "Come on, Lynette. You kids were young when I was sneaking around on Glen, but you knew something was up."

Lynette: "You heard about this from my kids?"

Stella: "Just the girl, and all she knows is that daddy got mad because Rick liked you."

Lynette: "Nothing happened between me and Rick. Yes, he came on to me, but unlike you, I controlled myself."

Stella: "Well, you had Tom to come home to. I had your stepfather."

Lynette: "Hey, Glen may have bored you, but the years we had a father in that house were the happiest in my life. You didn't care about that, though, did you? You just drove him away."

Stella: "And you couldn't wait to pay me back. Do you remember what you said the next year when I got sick?"

Lynette: "No I don't."

Stella: "Liar. You said I earned it. It was God's punishment. How are you feeling now, Lynette? You think you're being punished?"

Lynette: "How can you say that?"

Stella: "You were so sanctimonious. You could not imagine what sort of woman could do that kind of thing. Not so hard to imagine now, is it?"

Lynette: "Stop comparing us. I never did what you did."

Stella: "No, you just wanted to."

Lynette: "You're leaving tomorrow. I don't want your money. I don't want you imy house."

Stella: "Hey. You are sick, Lynette. You think you know what you're in for 'cause you watched me go through it? Watching it is nothing. You are going to feel worse than you thought a person could feel, and I'll be holding your hand through every damn minute."

Lynette: "You can't stay if I don't want you here."

Stella: "You can fight me or you can fight the cancer. Trust me, you won't have the strength to do both."


Bree is sitting up in bed, with her laptop in front of her typing an e-mail to Julie from Danielle's account.

Bree: "Andrew?"

Andrew comes into the room.

Bree: "Do young people still say awesome?"

Andrew: "Not so much. Um, try off the hook."

Bree: "Off the hook? That doesn't even make sense."

Andrew: "Fine, type in groovy. See if I care."

Andrew leaves. The phone rings. Bree answers.

Bree: "Hello? Hodge residence. Oh, hi, Danielle. Listen, I am sending Julie Mayer an e-mail from you. Now would you say that your school was off the hook?"

Danielle: "Uh, no. I would say it was sucky or crappy or a freaking nightmare."

Bree: "Look, if you're gonna start complaining, I'm going to hang up."

Danielle: "Mom, you have got to talk to the nuns. They are so harsh with me, and they have all these stupid rules."

Bree: "Well, perhaps if some of those rules had been in place when you took up with Edie's nephew, you might not be in this little pickle."

Danielle: "Mom, please, I just wanna come home."

Bree: "Look, I am gonna say this one last time. You are gonna stay put until that baby is born. Now don't forget, we're driving up this weekend, and I am bringing your favorite--lemon squares, and--"

Danielle hangs up. Orson comes into the room.

Orson: "Darling...can I draw you a bath?"

Bree: "That would be lovely."

Orson: "Oh, would you give mea hand, please?"

She turns her back and Orson unties the fake pregnancy pillow that Bree had strapped around her.

Orson: "There you go. It's almost time for the six-month size."

Bree: "Oh, don't remind me."


Mike is on his cell phone.

Mike: "No. No, it's no problem. I can fix that for you. Just, um, give me your name and address."

Woman on Phone: "I'm Mrs. Emmeline Walcott, and I'm at Forty-Two Old Mill Road."

Mike: "All right, I gotta stop and pick up a douglas valve, but, uh, I should be there in forty-five minutes tops."

He hangs up.

Susan: "I hate to see you drive when you're this tired."

Mike: "There's some iced coffee in the fridge. See you when I get back."

He leaves. Susan gets out of bed and goes into Julie's room. Julie is sitting on her bed, holding the phone.

Susan: "You were great."

Julie: "Did y'all ever doubt I would be?"

Susan: "Just hurry up and get dressed. We only have forty-five minutes."


Mike is driving down the road when a man steps out in front of him. Mike stops and the man walks over to him. It's the Reverend.

Reverend: "Are you Mike?"

Mike: "Yeah. I'm looking for a Mrs. Walcott's house."

Reverend: "You've come to the right place. Here, put this on."

He shows Mike a suit that has a note on it: Wear Me. Love, Susan.

Later, Mike and the Reverend are walking through the woods.

Mike: "You mind telling me what Susan's up to?"

Reverend: "Ask her yourself."

He gestures in front of them and Mike sees Susan in a wedding dress underneath a beautiful wedding altar. Chinese lanterns are hanging on trees and Julie is standing there.

Mike: "Are you sure about this? I don't want you to look back and regret not having your perfect wedding."

Susan: "Well, I don't know if you've noticed, but my idea of the perfect wedding keeps changing. One day, I want white roses, and then I want lilies, and first, I want a harpist, and then a string quartet. Only one thing stays constant...and I'm looking at him. Why would I need anything else to make my wedding perfect?"

Mike: "Well, who knew downsizing could be so romantic?"

Susan: "Yeah."

Mike looks at Julie.

Mike: "Uh, Mrs. Walcott, I presume?"

Julie: "That's right, sugar."

Susan: "Oh, you might wanna check that breast pocket of your suit."

Mike pulls out a small envelope. Inside are two wedding rings.

Susan: "And just so you know, you'll be paying for those and the lights and the flowers."

Mike: "I've never seen you look so beautiful."

Susan: "You clean up pretty good yourself."

Reverend: "Are we ready?"

Julie: "Are you kidding? They've been dragging this thing out for three years."

Reverend: "We are gathered here today to join together Mike Delfino and Susan Mayer in matrimony--an honorable estate not to be entered into lightly, but reverently and soberly..."

Later, Susan and Mike clink their champagne glasses together, then the two of them and Julie lean in together for a picture.

Mary Alice: "Family--there is nothing more important."


Stella is cleaning up the living room while Lynette watches from around the corner.

Mary Alice: "They're the ones who show up when we're in trouble..."


Victor is talking with Milton in the living room while Gabrielle watches from around the corner.

Mary Alice: "...the ones who push us to succeed..."


Bree hangs up her pregnancy padding in the closet while Orson watches her.

Mary Alice: "...the ones who help keep our secrets."


Edie puts down her glass next to a card on the table that reads "To My Beloved Carlos."

Mary Alice: "But what of those who have no family to rely on? What happens to those poor souls...who have no loved ones to help them in their hour of need? Well...most learn to walk life's road by themselves."

She takes off her scarf and drapes it over a beam. She stands on a chair, and then steps off the chair, ending up dangling from the ceiling.

Mary Alice: "But a sad few of us...simply...stop trying."


The End

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